Plasma Skin Tightening FAQ

What is Plasma Skin Tightening?

It is a cosmetic treatment which uses plasma to eliminate excess skin and promote the production of collagen in the skin with results that are comparable to traditional surgery. Partial results can be seen immediately, while the full result can be seen in around 4 weeks.

How does it work?

The device uses the voltage in the air to create an electrical arch (plasma) between its tip and the skin. As this electrical arch touches the skin, it instantly contracts. Excess skin is reduced, resulting in tightened/lifted skin, comparable to surgery.

What are the advantages of plasma skin tightening vs. surgery?

No injections

No incisions

No stitches

Minimal risk

Minimal side effects

Little to no downtime

Quick and easy

Return to work same day

Significant cost saving

What can it be used to treat?

Eye areas (eye lids, under-eye bags, crows feet)

Face lift

Neck lift

Worry lines

Laugh lines


Stretch marks

Sun Spots

And much more

How long do results last?

Results are long lasting, although, like all cosmetic and surgical treatments, it is not permanent as it will not stop further aging.

How many treatments are required?

Depending on the condition of the area being treated and the desired results this can vary. One treatment may be enough for some, although more treatments can be carried out for greater results. Treatments must be spaced out a minimum of 6 weeks apart.

What should I expect on the day of treatment?

On the day of treatment, it is recommended that you do not wear makeup on the area being treated, take an anti-histamine to help reduce swelling, and continue for two days following.

The area will be cleaned and a numbing cream/gel will be applied and will sit 30-45 minutes prior to treatment to help with any discomfort.

When the treatment starts, you may feel mild discomfort. Dark carbon crusts will appear. Do not touch these. They will naturally flake off within a few days.  Swelling and redness may appear and last for a few days.

What should I expect after?

Tiny brown dots (carbon dots) will appear immediately after treatment. These will fall off in about 7 days to reveal new pink skin underneath.

Swelling may occur for a few days following treatment.

Best results will be seen in 4-6 weeks.

***Allow 10-18 days of healing depending on your systemic healing pattern. Individual healing results may vary due to skin tone, type, or state of health. Swelling is normal and can limit you to social exposure of treated area. Dryness and flaky skin is normal post healing.


If you are sick, we need to reschedule. Clients need to be healthy on the day of the appointment.

Clients prone to keloids

Clients with auto-immune/healing disorders

Clients with a peacemaker

Cancer patients

Clients taking blood thinning medication

Clients that are pregnant or breastfeeding

Clients experiencing any infection will need to reschedule until fully healed.

Clients with a sunburn

Clients must not tan 48 hours prior to treatment and must wait until after the carbon dots have fallen off to tan again.

Clients with a history of hyperpigmentation

Treatment is only recommended for light-medium skin tones. Very dark skin tones (Fitzpatrick Scale skin stype 6) are at risk for hyperpigmentation.

Clients with severe skin conditions

Clients with a sensitivity or allergic to any of the products used during treatment


Do not pick at the carbon crusts. They will flake off naturally.

Clean the area twice daily with a non-alcohol based antiseptic.

Continue applying aftercare cream as long as it is still sensitive.

Avoid sauna, pools, solariums or any kind of exposure to activities which present risk for infection of the treated area.

Protect the treated area from direct sun until the skin is completely regenerated (2-3 weeks). Use SPF 50. Avoid sunbeds.

Do not apply products containing alcohol or other scents.

Until crusts fall off, you may apply colloidal silver to prevent inflammation.

Do not cover with plasters.

Do not cover with makeup until after the crusts have fallen off.