Services & Pricing

Classic Lashes - Classic lashing involves applying a single synthetic eyelash extension to a single isolated natural eyelash.

Classic Lite Set - 60 min - $110

The Classic Lite Set is good for those looking for a very light and natural set. Enhances your natural lashes.

Classic Flirty Set - 1h 30 min - $165

The Classic Flirty Set creates a nice dark full look. Good for those wanting to forego the majority of their eye makeup. 

Classic Lux Set - 2 hours - $220

The Classic Lux Set is perfect for those wanting a full dramatic look.

Classic 30min fill - $50
Classic 45min fill - $75
Classic 60min fill - $100

Volume Lashes - Volume lashing involves safely applying multiple, super fine and lightweight synthetic eyelashes to a single isolated natural lash. This technique allows for a fuller and fluffier appearance. This is perfect for those with very sparse natural lashes or those wanting a very full look.  

Volume Lite Set - 60min - $150

The Volume Lite Set is good for those looking for a very light and natural set.This is perfect for those with very sparse thin lashes as the volume lashes will help cover more space and be lightweight enough for your natural lashes to safely hold.

Volume Flirty Set - 1h 45min - $260

The Volume Flirty Set will create a a nice full and fluffy appearance. Perfect for those wanting more fullness but maintain a softer effect than the Classic Flirty Set.

Volume Lux Set - 2h 15min - $320

The Volume Lux Set is perfect for creating a very dark, full and fluffy appearance. Lots of drama (but only for your lashes).

Volume 30min fill - $65
Volume 45min fill - $100
Volume 60min fill - $130

Consultation - $0 Come by for a free consultation if you're unsure about what service to choose or text (925) 289-9381

Removal - $30
Fill from another salon - (requires a consultation first)


Plasma Skin Tightening -  $300+ (Prices vary. Consultation required)

A cosmetic treatment which uses plasma to eliminate excess skin and promote the production of collagen in the skin with results that are comparable to traditional surgery. Partial results can be seen immediately, while the full result can be seen in around 4 weeks.